One-of-a-kind, handmade scrapbooks, junk journals and ephemera for storing your memories!

My scrapbooks are inspired first and foremost by my love of reading - holding a good book in my hands and reading before a fire on a rainy or wintery day is my idea of total bliss! So when I took a class on basic book-making, it was only natural that my love of reading and my love of paper-crafting joined. My Scrapologist studio is located in my Colonial home built in 1820 that I share with my husband. When I am not in my studio or out making music, I spend time lovingly restoring our home.

Originally from New York City, my entire life has been dedicated to the arts, having worked as a classical pianist and off-Broadway and Broadway Music Director for 30+ years. I first started performing at the age of 13 and retired from performing and traveling at age 45 to finally marry and settle down! My husband is a very talented fashion photographer and he helps set up the lighting for the photos for my Etsy shop. And my mother, Ellen, now has the fever - she has designed several books for the shop, as well as scrapbook trinkets, making this a family affair!

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