Junk journal with vintage key and handmade paper

What is a Junk Journal?

 Are you wondering what a junk journal is? A junk journal is a type of art journal made from found materials and ephemera such as old book pages, tickets, receipts, and other items that would typically be considered junk. It is often used for creative expression and reflection.

Young man writing in a journal

How are Junk Journals made?

Junk Journals are typically made by folding papers into signatures. The signatures are then sewn into an existing book or a handmade cover and spine. The pages are then decorated with found items such as magazines, old books, antique ephemera, textiles, and more.

Some people also enjoy using a Digital Junk Journal Kit such as this pretty poetry and flowers kit:

Antique Poetry Book with flowers

There are also some lovely Junk Journals that you can purchase already made for you:

Vintage Junk Journal Idea Book

How do you use a junk journal?

Junk journals are a unique way of journaling and documenting your daily life that will encourage creative expression. You can fill it with artwork such as collage and mixed media; use it as a planner; fill it with photos; store ephemera and keepsakes...the uses are only limited by your own imagination!

Junk Journals are a beautiful and unique way to store up all of your precious memories!! And it is a wonderful way to preserve and repurpose old items that are just going to be thrown away! Like these...

Antique photograph junk journal ephemera

Get started on your first junk journal with a junk journal kit for beginners!

Beginner Junk Journal Kit for sale

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