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The Scrapologist™

Fresh Watercolors Wallpaper Sheets - set of (12) sheets for Crafts, Junk Journals, Mixed Media and Collage Art Projects

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This fun wallpaper pack contains a set of 12 sheets of high-quality wallpaper featuring a variety of wallpaper that feature watercolors. These sheets measure approximately 16" x 14" and will include some shorter pieces as well. You will have ample room for covering chipboard to make a junk journal cover; or use them in mixed media art or collage making. They will add a splash of color to your crafts including card making, box covering, framed as wall art, collage, dollhouses, and as a background for  framed photos

Please note that they have been cut from wallpaper books, so some may have staple holes on one side or an uneven edge.

 Key Features: 

- Pack of 10 wallpaper sheets shipped in a tube to avoid creasing

- Ideal for junk journal covers, mixed media, and collage projects

- Size is approximately 16" x 14"" for ample crafting space.