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The Scrapologist™

Envelope Mini Albums Made from Envelopes, set of 2 in Gift Box, Memory Keeping, Photo Album

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This Mini Album is a versatile storage solution designed to preserve and showcase your cherished photos, love letters, and treasured keepsakes. This album is constructed using envelopes, unfolding accordion-style to reveal its hidden treasures. It features five envelopes, each offering ample space for secure storage and easy accessibility.

Each envelope is designed with the back of every pocket specifically crafted to accommodate photos up 5"x7" size. This ensures that your memories are not only preserved but can be beautifully displayed within the album.

To house the mini album, I included a "French Box," a storage box crafted from heavy-duty chipboard and adorned with golden birdcages. The box serves as a protective haven for your album and is secured with a pretty blue ribbon. The box is 8 1/4" high x 6 1/2" wide.