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Blank Handmade Mini Album, DIY Scrapbook, Photo Album, Craft Kit, Faux Leather Spine - You Decorate it

Blank Handmade Mini Album, DIY Scrapbook, Photo Album, Craft Kit, Faux Leather Spine - You Decorate it

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Do you know how to make your own mini albums and scrapbooks but are just too busy? Purchase a blank album already made just for you and spend your crafting time decorating it!

Introducing my time-saving solution for craft enthusiasts like you: the pre-made Blank Album, designed specifically for those who love mini albums and scrapbooking but find themselves short on time. With this ready-to-decorate album, you can indulge in your favorite crafting activities without the hassle of starting from scratch.

Each album is meticulously handcrafted with a front and back chipboard cover, securely attached using heavy-duty paper hinges and a chipboard spine. The sturdy construction ensures durability and provides a reliable foundation for your creative endeavors.

You have the creative freedom to personalize the cover by adding your choice of materials and patterned papers, making it a unique reflection of your personal style.

Inside the album, you'll discover a treasure trove of crafting possibilities. It features six base pages, complemented by numerous fold-outs, removable mats, and pockets. This abundance of interactive elements offers ample space to accommodate over 32+ 4X6 photos. Additionally, there are designated areas perfectly suited for wallet-size photos, allowing you to showcase cherished memories in a variety of formats.

Measurements for this versatile album are as follows: The cover measures 7-1/2" by 5-3/4", with a spacious 2.25" spine, providing ample room for creativity and accommodating various embellishments.

With our pre-made Blank Album, you can save time on the construction process and dedicate your crafting time to what you truly enjoy: decorating and personalizing your album. Let your creativity soar as you transform this album into a beautiful keepsake, capturing and preserving precious memories in a uniquely crafted mini album or scrapbook.

****Here is a YouTube video showing tips on decorating the album!



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